Inhale At Your Own Risk

The lungs of people who vape THC, nicotine, or both show chemical burns that resemble the lungs of people who have been exposed to poisons like mustard gas.1, 2, 3

Not Safe To Breathe

JUUL, BLU, and SMOK… Studies show that some of the biggest e-cigarette brands release cancer-causing metal particles, like lead and chromium, in the aerosol you breathe into your lungs.4

Vapes have been connected to thousands of hospitalizations

Severe breathing problems,5 collapsed lungs,5 and pneumonia,5 and over 65 deaths6 — including a teen as young as 15.7 Scientists are still looking into what exactly caused these health problems. While most of these illnesses are among people who vape or dab THC, some only used nicotine vapes.8

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section 3

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